Joel Eriksson
CEO/Founder of ClevCode. Vulnerability researcher, exploit developer and reverse-engineer. Previous CTO and co-founder of Bitsec, which was acquired by Nixu, and Cycura which was acquired by WELL Technologies. Have spoken at BlackHat, DefCon and the RSA conference. CTF player. Puzzle solver (Cicada 3301, Boxen)



Some articles about me and/or my research, in English:

Some articles about me and/or my research, in Swedish:

For more information about Cicada 3301 and my solutions for the 2012 challenge, go to:

If these kinds of puzzles and challenges interest you, you might also be interested in looking at the old GCHQ challenge:
GCHQ: solve the online code, become a real-life spy

My solutions for that challenge are available here:

Note that the GCHQ challenge is a bit more technical in nature than the Cicada 3301 puzzles, so it might not be for everyone. ;)

For those of you that are into that sort of stuff, you might take a look at my CTF challenge writeups:

/ Joel Eriksson <je at clevcode dot org>